About us

John Garza

Photographer, 100 Ton Boat Captin, Surfer, Diver

John Garza grew up in The Shark Bite Capital of the World New Smyrna Beach FL. Growing up in New Smyrna Garza had a different view on sharks than he does now. It wasn’t until years later after moving to Hawaii, John was introduced to diving and the world of sharks that he found his deep love for what laid beneath the sea.

now as an avid waterman

boat captain, surfer, freediver, and scuba diver and photographer John spends most of his time trying to create awareness for the ocean, its inhabitants and create a sense of compassion towards the ocean through his images and educational expeditions.

Hannah & John came together and realized their opportunity to show others the beautiful world below. The two have not only fallen for each other but they have fallen for the world around them and they want to help you experience their love for the ocean!

Hannah Patten

Founder/CEO of Hülya Swim, Ocean Advocate, Diver

Hannah originally built her name on her equestrian rankings but is now making a statement in the fashion industry as the CEO of Hülya Swim. An eco-friendly swim wear line. Hülya Swim serves as a portal for a new, innovative and eco-friendly swimwear brand, which uses a high tech recycled fabric made out of recycled ocean debris.

now as an avid ocean lover

swimwear designer, freediver, and scuba diver she spends most of her time trying to create awareness for the ocean by showing people how beautiful the underwater world really is through images and educational expeditions.