Hannah & John came together and realized their opportunity to show others the beautiful world below.

  • Hannah Patten

    In addition to her day job as our Chief Stew Hannah is also the founder of Hülya Swim, an eco-friendly swimwear line. Four years ago, she quickly grew tired of the overwhelming amount of plastic in the oceans and waterways. This inspired her to create a bikini line that includes recycled plastics from the ocean. The Hülya collection is inspired by Hannah's experiences with the ocean.

    Through Hülya and Ocean Outcasts Hannah hopes to bring awareness and compassion to the ocean and to inspire others to take a stand for our planet and ocean.

  • John Garza

    Captain John, a long-time environmentalist, wishes to create a sense of compassion towards the ocean by infusing his passion for diving and marine exploration with images of the sea's unique beauty. John's photography has graced the covers of many well-respected magazines, advertisements, and eco-advocacy campaigns. As an avid Free Diver, Scuba Diver, and Professional Photographer, he strives to educate people about the environments of our oceans through creative outlets.  

    Through his next endeavor as the captain of Purely Blu and the Co-Founder of Ocean Outcasts, his goal is to change the way people view and interact with sharks and marine wildlife while inspiring others through his life aboard Purely Blu. 

  • For the sea...

    Ocean Outcasts is a lifestyle brand centered in the ocean. We are united through photography, and comprised of like-minded individuals who love to explore the oceans, islands, reefs and big blue world through carefully planned and executed expeditions and imagery you can hang in your home. Join us on photographic adventures of your own as we share our stories with you. Ocean outcasts was founded for those who were born to stand out, for those who love the ocean and her inhabitants.